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Shepherd Smith Edwards & Kantas LTD, LLP is a Houston, Texas based securities law firm. We are the largest firm in Texas, and certainly one of the largest in the United States, that focuses solely upon the representation of investors against major Wall Street financial firms in securities matters.

Our Texas securities fraud lawyers are proud to represent investors from all parts of the state, from individual investors to institutional investors, who have suffered losses due to improper and inappropriate recommendations made by financial advisers and major Wall Street brokerage firms. These losses can be the result of everything from incompetence or negligence to outright fraud. More often, investment losses are the result of unsuitable investment recommendations that were not aligned with investor’s financial needs, investment objectives, tolerance for risk and age. There can also be material factual misrepresentations or omissions about the investment by the financial adviser or the brokerage firm, which would have caused the investor to decline the investment had they known the true facts.

The Texas securities fraud attorneys in our office and our experienced staff will be happy to discuss your particular situation through a confidential interview to determine what claims or causes of action might be available. Once the initial consultation has taken place and it has been concluded that you do have a potential claim, it will be necessary for you to produce documentation from your financial adviser and their firm to be examined by the securities lawyers, our paralegals and expert witnesses. This documentation will include all correspondence, emails, trade confirmations, account statements, brochures, marketing materials and prospectuses, among other things.

Securities arbitration cases are generally handled on a contingency basis by our firm. The importance of this to the investor is that they only owe a fee to Shepherd Smith Edwards & Kantas LTD, LLP, if a monetary recovery for the losses sustained is made. The fee is based upon a predetermined and agreed upon percentage of the amount recovered and, if for some reason there is no recovery, then there is nothing owed to the firm.

We are also proud to have represented many investors from outside the United States and encourage you to contact our securities law firm for a free consultation. Se habla español.

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