The Texas Securities Act - Part 6

The approval of any such exchange by the Commissioner shall be made only after a reasonable investigation and hearing, and shall be by a written order of approval upon a finding of fact substantially in accordance with the requirements hereinabove provided. The Commissioner, upon ten (10) days notice and hearing, shall have power at any time to withdraw approval theretofore granted by him to any such stock exchange which does not at the time of hearing meet the standards of approval under this Act, and thereupon securities so listed upon such exchange shall be no longer entitled to the benefit of such exemption except upon the further order of said Commissioner approving such exchange.

By the same procedure set out in the preceding paragraph with respect to exchanges approved by the Commissioner, the Commissioner may suspend the exempt status of any trading system exempted by the Legislature on or after January 1, 1989, if that system does not at the time of hearing meet the applicable standards for approval of exchanges prescribed by this Act. The suspension has the same effect as the removal of approval of an exchange. The suspension remains in effect until the Commissioner by order determines that the trading system has corrected the deficiency or deficiencies on which the suspension was based and maintains standards and procedures that provide reasonable protection to the public.

G. Repealed. Senate Bill 293, Chapter 160, Acts of the 66th Legislature, Regular Session, 1979.

H. Any commercial paper that arises out of a current transaction or the proceeds of which have been or are to be used for current transactions, and that evidences an obligation to pay cash within nine months of the date of issuance, exclusive of days of grace, or any renewal of such paper that is likewise limited, or any guarantee of such paper or of any such renewal.

I. Notes, bonds, or other evidence of indebtedness or certificates of ownership which are equally and proportionately secured without reference of priority of one over another, and which, by the terms of the instrument creating the lien, shall continue to be so secured by the deposit with a trustee of recognized responsibility approved by the Commissioner of any of the securities specified in Subsection M of Section 5 or Subsection D of Section 6; such deposited securities, if of the classes described in Subsection M of Section 5, having an aggregate par value of not less than one hundred and ten per cent (110%) of the par value of the securities thereby secured, and if of class specified in Subsection D of Section 6, having an aggregate par value of not less than one hundred and twenty five per cent (125%) of the par value of the securities thereby secured.

J. Notes, bonds or other evidence of indebtedness of religious, charitable or benevolent corporations.

Sec. 7. Permit or Registration for Issue by Commissioner; Information for Issuance of Permit or Registration.

A. Qualification of Securities.

(1) No dealer or agent shall sell or offer for sale any securities issued after September 6, 1955, except those which shall have been registered by Notification under subsection B or by Coordination under subsection C of this Section 7 and except those which come within the classes enumerated in Section 5 or Section 6 of this Act, until the issuer of such securities or a dealer registered under the provisions of this Act shall have been granted a permit by the Commissioner; and no such permit shall be granted by the Commissioner until the issuer of such securities or a dealer registered under the provisions of this Act shall have filed with the Commissioner a sworn statement verified under the oath of an executive officer or partner of the issuer, or of such registered dealer, and attested by the secretary or partner thereof, setting forth the following information:

a. The names, residences and post office addresses of the officers and directors of the company;

b. The location of its principal office and of all branch offices in this State, if any;

c. A copy of its articles of incorporation or partnership or association, as the case may be, and of any amendments thereto, if any; if a corporation, a copy of all minutes of any proceedings of its directors, stockholders or members relating to or affecting the issue of said security; if a corporation, a copy of its bylaws and of any amendments thereto; if a trustee, a copy of all instruments by which the trust is created and in which it is accepted, acknowledged or declared;

d. A statement showing the amount of capital stock, if any, and if no capital stock, the amount of capital of the issuer that is contemplated to be employed; the number of shares into which such stock is divided, or if not divided into shares of stock, what division is to be made or is contemplated; the par value of each share, or if no par stock, the price at which such security is proposed to be sold; the promotional fees or commissions to be paid for the sale of same, including any and all compensations of every nature that are in any way to be allowed the promoters or allowed for the sale of same; and how such compensation is to be paid, whether in cash, securities, service or otherwise, or partly of either or both; also, the amount of cash to be paid, or securities to be issued, given, transferred or sold to promoters for promotion or organization services and expenses, and the amount of promotion or organization services and expenses which will be assumed or in any way paid by the issuer;

e. Copies of certificates of the stock and all other securities to be sold, or offered for sale, together with application blanks therefor; a copy of any contract it proposes to make concerning such security; a copy of any prospectus or advertisement or other description of security prepared by or for it for distribution or publication;

f. 1. A detailed statement prepared in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards and procedures and generally accepted accounting principles, showing all the assets and all the liabilities of the issuer, said statement to reflect the financial condition of the issuer on a day not more than ninety (90) days prior to the date such statement is filed. Such statement shall list all assets in detail and shall show how the value of such assets was determined, that is, whether the value set forth in said statement represents the actual cost in money of such assets, or whether such value represents their present market value, or some other value than the actual cost in money, and shall show the present actual value of said assets; also, whether the value set forth in the statement is greater or less than the actual cost value in money and greater or less than the present market value of such assets. If any of the assets consist of real estate, then said statement shall show the amount for which said real estate is rendered for State and county taxes, or assessed for taxes. If any such assets listed shall consist of anything other than cash and real estate, same shall be set out in detail so as to give the Commissioner the fullest possible information concerning same, and the Commissioner shall have the power to require the filing of such additional information as the Commissioner may deem necessary to determine whether or not the true value of said assets are reflected in the statement filed. Should any of the assets listed in said statement be subject to any repurchase agreement, or any other agreement of like character, by the terms of which the absolute ownership of, or title to said assets is qualified or limited in any way, then the terms and conditions of said agreement by which the absolute ownership of, or title to said assets is qualified or limited, as well as the amount and character of the assets subject thereto shall be fully stated. Said statement shall list all current liabilities, that is, all liabilities which will mature and become due within one year from the date of such application, and shall list separately from such current liabilities, all other liabilities, contingent or otherwise, showing the amount of those which are secured by mortgage or otherwise, the assets of the issuer which are subject to such mortgage, and the dates of maturity of any such mortgage indebtedness. Such application shall also include a detailed income statement, prepared in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards and procedures and generally accepted accounting principles, which shall cover the last three (3) years' operations of the issuer, if such issuer has been in operation for three (3) years, but if not, said income statement shall cover the time that said issuer has been operating. If said issuer has not been operating, but is taking over a concern of any kind which has been previously operating, an income statement showing the operations of the concern thus taken over for a period of the last three (3) years next preceding the taking over of said concern shall be included in said statement; said income statement shall clearly reflect the amount of net income or net loss incurred during each of the years shown.

2. The financial statements required in subparagraph (1) of this paragraph for a small business issuer, as defined by Board rule, may be reviewed by an independent certified public accountant in accordance with the Statements on Standards for Accounting and Review Services promulgated by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants in lieu of being audited and certified, provided that the small business issuer otherwise meets all of the requirements that the Board by rule, regulation, or order may prescribe, conditionally or unconditionally.

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