The Texas Securities Act - Part 5

The term "recognized securities manual" means a nationally distributed manual of securities that is approved for use hereunder by the Board.

The Commissioner may issue a stop order or by order prohibit, revoke or suspend the exemption under this Subsection O with respect to any security if the Commissioner has reasonable cause to believe that the plan of business of the issuer of such security, the security, or the sale thereof would tend to work a fraud or deceit upon any purchaser or purchasers thereof, such order to be subject to review in the manner provided by Section 24 of this Act. Notice of any court injunction enjoining the sale, or resale, of any such security, or of an order revoking or suspending the exemption under this subdivision with respect to any security, shall be delivered or shall be mailed by certified or registered mail with return receipt requested, to any dealers believed to be selling, or offering for sale, securities of the type referred to in the notice; and the prohibitions of (6) and (7) above of this Subsection O shall be inapplicable to any dealer until the dealer has received actual notice from the Commissioner of such revocation or suspension.

The Board may for cause shown revoke or suspend the recognition hereunder of any manuals previously approved under this Subsection but no such action may be taken unless upon notice and opportunity for hearing before the Board or a hearings officer as now or hereafter required by law. A judgment sustaining the Board in the action complained of shall not bar after one year an application by the plaintiff for approval of its manual or manuals hereunder, nor shall a judgment in favor of the plaintiff prevent the Board from thereafter revoking such recognition for any proper cause which may thereafter accrue or be discovered.

P. The execution by a dealer of an unsolicited order for the purchase of securities, where the initial offering of such securities has been completed and provided that the dealer acts solely as an agent for the purchaser, has no direct or indirect interest in the sale or distribution of the security ordered, and receives no commission, profit, or other compensation from any source other than the purchaser.

Q. The sales of interests in and under oil, gas or mining leases, fees or titles, or contracts relating thereto, where (1) the total number of sales by any one owner of interests, whether whole, fractional, segregated or undivided in any single oil, gas or mineral lease, fee or title, or contract relating thereto, shall not exceed thirty-five (35) within a period of twelve (12) consecutive months and (2) no use is made of advertisement or public solicitation; provided, however, if such sale or sales are made by an agent for such owner or owners, such agent shall be licensed pursuant to this Act. No oil, gas or mineral unitization or pooling agreement shall be deemed a sale under this Act.

R. The sale by the issuer itself, or by a subsidiary of such issuer, of any securities which would be exempt if sold by a registered dealer under Section 6 (other than Section 6E) of this Act.

S. The sale by or through a registered dealer of any option if at the time of the sale of the option:

(1) the performance of the terms of the option is guaranteed by any broker-dealer registered under the federal Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, which guaranty and broker-dealer are in compliance with such requirements or regulations as may be approved or adopted by the Board;

(2) the option is not sold by or for the benefit of the issuer of the security which may be purchased or sold upon exercise of the option;

(3) the security which may be purchased or sold upon exercise of the option is either (a) exempted under Subsection F of Section 6 of this Act or (b) quoted on the NASDAQ stock market and meets the requirements of Paragraphs (1), (6), (7), and (8) of Subsection O of Section 5 of this Act; and

(4) such sale is not directly or indirectly for the purposes of providing or furthering any scheme to violate or evade any provisions of this Act.

For purposes of this subsection the term "option" shall mean and include any put, call, straddle, or other option or privilege of buying or selling a specified number of securities at a specified price from or to another person, without being bound to do so, on or prior to a specified date, but such term shall not include any option or privilege which by its terms may terminate prior to such specified date upon the occurrence of a specified event.

T. Such other transactions or conditions as the Board by rule, regulation, or order may define or prescribe, conditionally or unconditionally.

U. The issuance or transfer of securities by the issuer of its securities to a corporation or association, organized exclusively for religious, educational, benevolent, fraternal, charitable, or reformatory purposes and not for pecuniary profit, only if:

(a) the corporation or association does not provide anything of value for the securities other than, in the case of any security that is an option, payment of the exercise price of the option to acquire the securities at a price not to exceed the fair market value of the underlying securities on the date the option was granted;

(b) the issuance or transfer of securities is not made for the purpose of raising capital for the issuer;

(c) no commission or other form of consideration is paid or provided to a third party with respect to the issuance or transfer; and

(d) the issuance or transfer is not directly or indirectly for the purpose of providing or furthering a scheme in violation of or to evade this Act.

Sec. 6. Exempt Securities.

Except as hereinafter in this Act expressly provided, the provisions of this Act shall not apply to any of the following securities when offered for sale, or sold, or dealt in by a registered dealer or agent of a registered dealer:

A. Repealed. Senate Bill 293, Chapter 160, Acts of the 66th Legislature, Regular Session, 1979.

B. Repealed. Senate Bill 293, Chapter 160, Acts of the 66th Legislature, Regular Session, 1979.

C. Repealed. Senate Bill 293, Chapter 160, Acts of the 66th Legislature, Regular Session, 1979.

D. Any security issued or guaranteed either as to principal, interest, or dividend, by a corporation owning or operating a railroad or any other public service utility; provided, that such corporation is subject to regulation or supervision either as to its rates and charges or as to the issue of its own securities by the Railroad Commission of Texas, or by a public commission, agency, board or officers of the Government of the United States, or of any territory or insular possession thereof, or of any state or municipal corporation, or of the District of Columbia, or of the Dominion of Canada, or any province thereof; also equipment trust certificates or equipment notes or bonds based on chattel mortgages, leases or agreements for conditional sale of cars, motive power or other rolling stock mortgages, leased or sold to or furnished for the use of or upon a railroad or other public service utility corporation, provided that such corporation is subject to regulation or supervision as above; or equipment trust certificates, or equipment notes or bonds where the ownership or title of such equipment is pledged or retained in accordance with the provisions of the laws of the United States, or of any state, territory or insular possession thereof, or of the District of Columbia, or the Dominion of Canada, or any province thereof, to secure the payment of such equipment trust certificates, bonds or notes.

E. Any security issued and sold by a domestic corporation without capital stock and not organized and not engaged in business for profit.

F. Securities which at the time of sale have been fully listed upon the American Stock Exchange, the Boston Stock Exchange, the Chicago Stock Exchange or the New York Stock Exchange, have been designated or approved for designation on notice of issuance on the national market system of the NASDAQ stock market, or have been fully listed upon any recognized and responsible stock exchange approved by the Commissioner as hereinafter in this section provided, and also all securities senior to, or if of the same issues, upon a parity with, any securities so listed or designated or represented by subscription rights which have been so listed or designated, or evidence of indebtedness guaranteed by any company, any stock of which is so listed or designated, such securities to be exempt only so long as the exchange upon which such securities are so listed remains approved under the provisions of this Section. Application for approval by the Commissioner may be made by any organized stock exchange in such manner and upon such forms as may be prescribed by the Commissioner, but no approval of any exchange shall be given unless the facts and data supplied with the application shall be found to establish:

(1) That the requirements for the listing of securities upon the exchange so seeking approval are such as to effect reasonable protection to the public;

(2) That the governing constitution, bylaws or regulations of such exchange shall require:

1st: An adequate examination into the affairs of the issuer of the securities which are to be listed before permitting trading therein;

2nd: That the issuer of such securities, so long as they be listed, shall periodically prepare, make public and furnish promptly to the exchange, appropriate financial, income, and profit and loss statements;

3rd: Securities listed and traded in on such exchange to be restricted to those of ascertained, sound asset or income value;

4th: A reasonable surveillance of its members, including a requirement for periodical financial statements and a determination of the financial responsibility of its members and the right and obligation in the governing body of such exchange to suspend or expel any member found to be financially embarrassed or irresponsible or found to have been guilty of misconduct in his business dealings, or conduct prejudicial of the rights and interests of his customers;

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