Allen Stanford Ordered to Detox So Trial Can Begin

After three psychiatrists testified that R. Allen Stanford, the head of failed Stanford Financial Group in Houston, was not competent to stand trial because of prescription medications he was taking, U.S. Federal District Judge David Hittner ordered him to undergo detoxification as reported by the Houston Chronicle. Stanford’s attorneys argued that he is taking large doses of anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medications as a result of being assaulted while in federal custody in 2009 causing him to be incompetent to stand trial. This means that the scheduled trial set to begin on January 24th is going to be put off indefinitely until the detoxification has been completed and he has been examined and cleared for trial.

Stanford and other former executives in his network of companies are accused of defrauding investors, mostly through certificates of deposit issued by a Stanford-owned bank in Antigua.

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